Dato Sri Dr James J Masing

 KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) believes it can win Pelagus seat with or without incumbent Larry Sng Wei Shien.

Party president Dato Sri Dr James J Masing said a Dayak party had never failed to win the seat before even without Larry or his father Dato Sng Chee Hua.

Masing, who is Land Development Minister, said this when commenting on Larry’s statement, which said that the Barisan Nasional (BN) would lose Pelagus if a wrong candidate were picked.

"Please take note that we won Pelagus without Larry or his father before and there is no reason why we cannot win it again this time," he said.

However, Masing said, since Larry had been saying that he was always a BN man he hoped to see Larry keeps his words when he is not nominated to defend Pelagus, the seat he had represented for two consecutive terms.

Apparently, he had been trying his best to secure the seat, including be getting the backing from the people in the constituency through signature campaign but it was unclear whether he will achieve his goal.

While some people believed that Larry would find his way to be nominated and defend Pelagus despite the strong objection from PRS but many felt that his political career was nearing to an end.

"The Chief Minister may like him (Larry) so much but for continued political stability in the state, I am sure he (chief minister) will not want to offend PRS to such extend. You know, putting Larry there will be the biggest insult to the party and this will be very unhealthy," said one observer.

It was said that PRS had closed its doors completely to Larry and therefore for as long as the seat was still being represented by the party there will be no way that he can represent BN in Pelagus.

"The question is of course will PRS let go the seat just like that. I don't think so and because of that I can see that it will be difficult for," said another.

All these, however, will be answered on or before nomination day. 

Source: The Borneo Post

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