By Pelagus Voter

What’s going on Larry?? You’ve said time and again that you are a BN loyalist. Let me remind you of what you had said before.

Larry Sng:” I am a BN man through and through. I have been a BN man from the start and I will stay a BN man till the end. I will throw my support to BN”

Remember those words Mr Larry Sng?

Yes, they came from your mouth but NOT your heart.

Now your father Dato Sng Chee Hua is alledgedly, ready to splash RM5 Million to topple BN in Pelagus through an Independant candidate, Mr George Lagong.

Can we possibly believe that you, Larry Sng do not have a hand in the above plot??

Definitely NOT and we even have people telling us that you were asking Pelagus voters not to vote for BN.

If you, Larry Sng is truely a BN loyalist as you had always claimed then you should have stop your FATHER and your UNCLE (George Lagong) to fight against BN in Pelagus. You should instead ask them to rally behind the BN candidate!!

We now challenge you, Larry Sng to publicly declare your support to BN-PRS candidate Stanley Nyitar and and advise voters in Pelagus to vote for BN.

If you Larry Sng dare not, you shouldn’t claim to be BN loyalist anymore. You are a TRAITOR to Barisan Nasional, the Chief Minister and YAB Najib Tun Razak the Prime Minister.

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