If yerterday’s luncheon (7/4/2011) in Kanowit Town in anything to go by, indiction is that all the community leaders are united in backing BN-PRS candidate, Alexander Vincent in Ngemah.

Community leaders having lunch with Alexander Vincent

Well, that’s is surely good news to the BN’s camp and certainly spells trouble for the incumbent, Gabriel Adit Demong. Prior to this words were rippling on the ground that it was a huge challenge for BN to recaapture Ngemah in view of the popularity of the incumbent. Popularly known as ‘Kunchit beragum’ Gabriel Adit knows Ngemah inside out and had always been close to the people there.

Alexander Vincent, the BN candidate has also been moving frequently in the area ever since his defeat in 2006. The people are moore familiar with him this time. Response from the grassroot towards him recenntly had been very encouraging. He is said to be an ‘approachable and popular’ figure in Ngemah.

The support he gets from the community leaders is vital as these leaders are influential in their respective area and can easily influence the people in many things. In yesterday’s luncheon arranged by Alexander Vincent, all of them peldged to suppoort him as the BN candidate and would assist in the campaign trail.

Cr Stephen Chendang

A local councilor Stephen Chendang, said that there was no point in having an opposition to represent them as they could only talk but no action. He added that Alexander Vincent is very hard working and should make a good ‘Yang Berhormat’.

Another ex-councilor En Medan Nunying readily concurred with Cr Stephen Chendang that it was time to return Ngemah to BN. He said, ‘We have been deprived of meaningful development and had suffered for the past 10 years!”
Ex Cr Medan Nunying
Ngemah.News.Net says good luck to BN!
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