ALTOGETHER NOW: Masing (left) hits the gong to open the function, assisted by Mong (centre) and assemblyman Snowdan Lawan (right).

SIBU: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) is very concerned over the alleged move by the Ministry of Education to transfer 80,000 teachers from Peninsular Malaysia to the state next year.

PRS president Dato Sri Dr James Masing said at the moment, the state already had 30,000 Peninsular Malaysian teachers including ‘ustaz’ (religious teachers).

“But the ‘ustaz’ are not seen as ‘ustaz’ per se, they are called ‘counselling teachers’.

“Counsellors on what matter, I do not know. It is quite worrying in the sense that if they are really who they are, then the tendency of teaching is not there,” he commented.

He was met by reporters after he officiated at the PRS Bukit Assek Women Movement pre-Gawai Dayak dinner on Monday.

‘We have enough potential teachers to teach Sarawakians’

Among those present were his wife Datin Sri Corrine Masing, PRS Women chief Senator Doris Sophia Brodie, PRS youth chief Mong Dagang, MPs and assemblymen.

According to Masing, he was told that a group of 80,000 West Malaysian teachers would be coming next year.

“So hopefully, I am wrong. I will be so happy to be proven wrong,” he said.

He said he was okay with having a big group of West Malaysian teachers in Sarawak.

“But if it is done at the expense of Sarawak teachers, then it is wrong because we have enough potential teachers to teach Sarawakians.

“PRS will not be agreeable to that move. You cannot allow people from outside to take over people in Sarawak here to teach,” he said.

Masing said he was not worried about his opinion being misinterpreted by certain quarters.

“If they are so-called counsellors in a correct form, I do not mind. If they are masquerading something else then it is quite dangerous,” he said.

He said Sarawak had been very peaceful and liberal in all aspects including religious matters.

– The Borneo Post

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