Alexander being greeted upon his arrival

                  Prayer Over
Alexander Vincent BN-PRS candidate for N43 Ngemah held a prayer ceremony at his longhouse in Sg. Bawan, Kanowit on 5 April 2011, ahead of the Nomination Day for the 10th Sarawak State Election.

Alexander arriving at his longhouse

A total of 48 long house chiefs and several community leaders were present to show their support towards the BN candidate who would give a second attempt to unseat the incumbent, Gabriel Adit Demong.

Speaking at the function to a crowd of around 500 people, Alexander Vincent said he hoped to get the support of Ngemah folks in order to wrest back Ngemah from the opposition.

He further said that he had been moving around in the area since his defeat in the last State Election in 2006 and would continue to work hard to serve the people in the constituency if elected in.

"Ngemah needs a better representation in the DUN so that our voice will be heard better", said Alexander Vincent.

"Only through a BN representative can the much needed development in the are be implemented at a faster pace", he reiterated.

Meanwhile Penghulu Barnabas Angkis, urged all the people in Ngemah to rally behind Alexander Vincent so that he would win and bring more development to the area. He said, he (Alexander Vincent) has the  right attributes to be a good 'Wakil Rakyat'.

In the last State Election, Alexander Vincent (BN-PRS) lost by a small margin to an Independent candidate, Gabriel Adit popularly known as "Kuncit Beragum". Gabriel Adit subsequently jointed Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM).

Credit to: Ngemah.News.Net

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